BC has 'days' to figure out pipeline dispute: Notley

BC has 'days' to figure out pipeline dispute: Notley

BC has 'days' to figure out pipeline dispute: Notley

On Monday, almost a week after announcing her ban on B.C. wine imports, Notley told reporters she's giving the federal government some time to reason with her West Coast neighbours on the thorny issue of Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion.

She said she had a "a lot of stuff" to do, including preparing for the upcoming Spring session and a Throne Speech.

"There was no reason for him to do that, the bitumen, the safety, all those things were researched to death by some very qualified people based on the research that was done, the federal government approved the pipeline".

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley reacted swiftly and angrily to Mr. Heyman's announcement, imposing a ban on the sale of wine from B.C. and promising further action unless B.C. ends its threats of delaying tactics.

Well, B.C. makes sizeable shipments of natural gas to the United States via pipelines that cross Alberta.

She told reporters Wednesday that she had never meant to attend Convention given the Alberta legislature's spring session is about to start.

As Ottawa becomes more embroiled in the anti-sexual harassment #MeToo movement, the New Democrats are renewing their call for the federal government to codify its support for having more women involved in politics as elected...

Party leader Andrew Wilkinson placed the blame on Premier John Horgan for starting the issue - accusing him of picking a fight with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley over Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline project.

It's one way to encourage consumption of a product by businesses who say they have nothing to do with the spat between Alberta and B.C.

She said the provincial government had caught the attention of the federal government, and she would wait to see what their next step would be.

"The government in B.C. took aim at our economy and at working people, and for that, there have to be consequences", Notley said.

That proposal lead Notley to ban B.C. wine and halt talks on buying this province's electricity. If B.C. won't permit additional amounts of Alberta bitumen to cross B.C. territory by pipeline or railcar, perhaps we'll cut off their access to Alberta pipes altogether. However, Notley has already claimed B.C.'s actions against the pipeline are unconstitutional, so.an eye for an eye?

In responding, Mr. Carr insisted the federal government will defend its jurisdiction to approve the $7.4-billion pipeline project, which it has determined to be in the national interest.

"It's in British Columbia's power to put this issue to rest".

"If you delay these investment projects too long, this does have real implications for the proponent", Tombe said.

"I have said all along that we live in a country that enjoys all of the freedoms to protest".

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