Olympics Luge Men's Final medal results, highlights and more

Olympics Luge Men's Final medal results, highlights and more

Olympics Luge Men's Final medal results, highlights and more

After a shaky start on his final run, the Vancouver and Sochi Olympic gold medalist made contact with the wall and lost all momentum, tumbling to a fifth-place overall finish. Gleirscher won Austria's first gold medal at the luge in fifty years, while Mazdzer took the silver medal. In doing so, Mazdzer became the first American man to win a medal in men's singles, which debuted at the 1964 Winter Games.

Mazdzer performed his best on the world's biggest stage to bring home his first Olympic medal.

Mazdzer, a 29-year-old from MA in his third Olympic games, essentially clinched the medal stand yesterday with a terrific third run. It was on his third run that Mazdzer really clinched his medal.

Erin Hamlin did it four years ago when she won bronze in women's singles luge.

Mazdzer then unleashed a third-round run of 47.534, the finest time of the entire competition to date, that vaulted him into second place, just behind Felix Loch's 2:22.259.

NPR's Melissa Block reports he leaped from his sled after that final run, vaulting "into the stands to hug his family and grab an American flag".

Mazdzer finished 13th in two previous Winter Games, so this was quite a step up.

But, Germany's Felix Loch who looked like he was on his way to his third consecutive Olympic gold, faltered on the final run and finished 5th.

Mazdzer's US teammates didn't fare quite as well.

Fans of Chris Mazdzer, including his girlfriend Mara Marian (C), react following his third run during the luge men's singles at the Olympic WInter Games PyeongChnag 2018 on February 11, 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Mazdzer fought valiantly to finish second, but he didn't have enough time in him to catch Gleirscher, who pulled off a stunning win.

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