Chris Ballard never tried to persuade Josh McDaniels to stay

Chris Ballard never tried to persuade Josh McDaniels to stay

Chris Ballard never tried to persuade Josh McDaniels to stay

The Colts confirmed McDaniels' decision in a statement Tuesday night after reports emerged that the Patriots' offensive coordinator had opted to stay in New England with coach Bill Belichick.

Luck's health will continue to be among the Colts' top offseason priorities, even though they're in the process of finding another head coach after Josh McDaniels chose to return to New England on Tuesday.

And while it's one thing for folks unaffiliated with the Patriots to take shots at McDaniels, it's something else entirely when it comes from a former New England assistant.

Chris Ballard had some tough questions to answer in Wednesday's press conference less than 24 hours after this whole Josh McDaniels situation hit the fan. If he had that information prior to the interview process, the way McDaniels approached interviews for head-coaching vacancies in January likely would have changed. Are you in or out?'

"Just because you're the first choice doesn't make you the right choice", Ballard said. For now, I'll believe it when I see Luck on the field in 2018.

"There was no persuasion".

Bevell got a bad rap in Seattle, where he was forced to put together an offense for a team with no offensive line and a quarterback who works best out of structure. This was a stunning move, as McDaniels seemed ready to take on the role of an National Football League head coach, and given the apparent turmoil in the Patriots organization, it seemed like a good time to leave.

Ballard said the Colts have a list of additional coaching candidates including some they couldn't interview because their teams were in the playoffs. The guy builds good defenses everywhere he goes, and that's been the weakness of this organization for decades now. "I've had them from the get go".

"We will get the right leader for the Indianapolis Colts", Ballard said. Patricia was introduced yesterday as the Lions head coach.

"McDaniels surprised the Bears in a way, but the team still left with apprehensions about McDaniels' willingness to leave the Patriots", Jahns wrote. "He doesn't need surgery", Ballard said.

"In a normal world you would assume that, but again, are we living in a normal world right now?"

While Luck's status remains up in the air, the new head coach in Indy does already have a few assistant coaches in place, whether he likes it or not.

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