Trump responds to article on U.S. intel operation: 'Drain the swamp'

Trump responds to article on U.S. intel operation: 'Drain the swamp'

Trump responds to article on U.S. intel operation: 'Drain the swamp'

In addition to the cyberweapons, however, the Russian promised "compromising" information that could damage President Donald Trump - information that the American spies say they told him they did not want. The payment was a first installment of the operative's $1 million demand, and intelligence officials "cut off the deal because they were wary of being entangled in a Russian operation to create discord inside the American government".

United States spies paid "Russians" $100k for stolen NSA tools, but got dud "Trump secrets" they didn't want?

President Trump has also refused to enforce sanctions on Russian Federation for election interfering which were approved by Congress 517-3 in 2017.

The US spies allegedly did not want to touch any Trump-related material and focused their efforts on trying to return the hacking tools, either for "fear of blowback from Trump" or due to dubious credibility of those files, both reports explicitly emphasized.

The man, who they thought was somehow connected to Russian intelligence services, promised to provide them with the full NSA cache, stolen back in 2016 - and on top of that reportedly offered some explosive revelations that he claimed could shed light on Trump's alleged collusion with Moscow.

"I think anybody who is in the CIA, NSA, any of the American intelligence agencies, will tell you they do not go out and spy on Americans, they're not going out to look for material on Americans", Rosenberg said in interview with CNN's Ana Cabrera on Saturday. The episode ended this year with USA spies chasing the Russian out of Western Europe, warning him not to return if he valued his freedom, the American businessman said.

The CIA did not respond to a request by Reuters for comment, while NSA officials were not available out of regular business hours for comment.

And looking back, it should have been obvious that the Russian never had any ties to sensitive information. Later, the Russian operative changed the price to $1 million. Instead, they ended up in the hands of a mysterious group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, which has since provided hackers with tools that infected millions of computers around the world, crippling hospitals, factories and businesses.

Part of that effort, the officials said, appears to be trying to spread information that hews closely to unsubstantiated reports about Trump's dealings in Russian Federation - including the purported video, whose existence Trump has repeatedly dismissed. All are purported to be Russian intelligence reports, and each focuses on associates of Trump.

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