Hong Kong Bus Accident Claims Lives

Hong Kong Bus Accident Claims Lives

Hong Kong Bus Accident Claims Lives

Hong Kong saw its deadliest bus crash in more than a decade on Saturday, leaving 18 dead and more than 60 injured.

Witnesses told horrific stories of watching dazed and bloody passengers drag themselves from the mangled wreckage.

Such an accident is seen as very rare in Hong Kong.

Photos and videos published by social media showed the gold-coloured bus lying on its side with its roof torn off, while emergency workers treated injured passengers nearby.

The bus was carrying a lot of passengers when it overturned on a highway in the suburbs.

A passenger, who had his right leg bandaged, said the double-decker was going fast when the accident happened.

The death toll included 15 men and three women, a police spokeswoman said on customary condition of anonymity. And then it was like the tyres slipped and the bus turned. It was really chaotic on the bus. "People fell on one another and got tossed from side to side", he said.

The accident was the city's deadliest bus incident in almost 15 years.

Survivors described the bus as speeding, with a "grumpy" driver behind the wheel.

Many early reports of the incident claimed only 18 people were killed in the crash; later accounts increased the number to 19.

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's top official, said after the crash previous year that she didn't believe new laws governing drivers' hours were an answer, and that any solution had to address broader questions of worker shortages.

The safety of Hong Kong's waterways came under scrutiny after 39 people were killed when a high-speed ferry and a pleasure boat crashed in 2012.

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