Wrong woman killed in love triangle murder-for-hire plot, officials say

Wrong woman killed in love triangle murder-for-hire plot, officials say

Wrong woman killed in love triangle murder-for-hire plot, officials say

"I get emotional because it just touches me so deeply, that one of our citizens was killed in such a manner", said Osceola County Sheriff Russell Gibson.

The confession came in Friday from the three people who are now charged with killing Janice Zengotita-Torres.

Analysts trust they did in the end acknowledge they'd grabbed the wrong individual yet "proceeded with their arrangement of murder and tied the casualty with zip ties, and after that her head in channel tape and junk sacks", Gibson said. Her body was dumped in Ormond Beach, six miles north of Daytona, Florida.

Quinones-Montes (left) and Ramos-Rivera (right) abducted Zengotita-Torres and took her to an apartment.

The woman's body was found in Ormond Beach Monday and was later identified as Janice Marie Zengotita-Torres, who had been reported missing out of Osceola County.

Osceola County investigators say they have uncovered the love triangle that led to a mother's mistaken murder.

Florida police say three suspects are in jail and an innocent woman is dead following a botched murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by a scorned lover.

"The suspects showed no regard for this victim, causing her to die from suffocation because the garbage bags were wrapped around her head", Gibson said.

Deputies told CNN that Ishnar Lopez Ramos paid Gloriamarie Quinnones Montes and Alex Ramos Rivera to help her kill a woman - a woman allegedly involved with the same man as her.

Investigators believe Zengotita-Torres, the married mother of a 14-year-old boy, was kidnapped and killed instead of the intended victim.

Reports state that the suspects spotted Zengotita-Torres late Sunday night as she was leaving a store in Osceola County where she worked. Gibson said Lopez, Ramos, and Quinones-Montes each confessed.

Zengotita-Torres was allegedly tied and beaten unconscious before the suspects transported her in their vehicle to Volusia County.

Police officials arrested Lopez-Ramos after she was caught wearing Zengotita-Torres's clothes on a surveillance camera while trying to use the victim's ATM card.

The sheriff's office added that the suspects did not realize that they had abducted the wrong person until they reached her house in Orlando, however, even after that they continued with their alleged plan.

Lopez reportedly gave up the names of the other two suspects.

Ramos-Rivera, Montes and Lopez-Ramos have all been accused of first-degree kill.

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