Overwatch League update adds a ton of new skins and changes

Overwatch League update adds a ton of new skins and changes

Overwatch League update adds a ton of new skins and changes

When signing up for the Overwatch League mailing list, players can choose which teams they receive updates on.

While viewership was seen as a major concern coming into the day, fans on Twitch showed up in droves to watch the first professional games of the Overwatch League era, peaking at over 400,000 concurrent viewers in the English, French and Korean broadcasts.

Three games will be played each day from Thursday to Sunday (AEDT) and all matches will be four-map sets. This treatment does not include transmission rights, but technological development and commercialization.

Still, If Twitch and others in the streaming eSports space are willing to spend millions to secure these rights, it seems they think they can recoup those costs through lucrative advertising deals.

Overwatch League features teams of players playing the popular game "Overwatch", with teams that advance to the playoffs securing significant payouts. The Valiant and the Gladiators dominated San Francisco Shock and Shanghai Dragons with 4 to 0 victories. This current season will run until July 28th, with each of its four stages lasting for five weeks apiece before the teams enjoy a week break. All 312 Overwatch League skins became available January 9, one day before the Overwatch League is scheduled to begin on January 10.

Los Angeles is the only city represented by two OWL teams, the L.A. Valiant adorned in black, green and gold as well as the L.A. Gladiators in white, purple and black.

Both Los Angeles teams ran riot in their respective matches, and watching fans may have been getting a bit anxious that we would go the entire first day without seeing an actual competitive match.

Thankfully, the final match of the night between Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty was a lot more exciting. With Blizzard's pedigree for success and Overwatch's accessible, colourful gameplay I can't see it being anything but brilliant.

The next round will pin London Spitfire against Florida Mayhem, Philadelphia Fusion against Houston Outlaws, and Boston Uprising versus the New York Excelsior. Although details of "insider content", have been kept quite quiet for now, Twitch has said it will be looking to reward the biggest fans with certain items, cheering emotes and more.

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