Gingrich, Hannity Take Offense at Obama's Characterization of Fox News Viewers

Gingrich, Hannity Take Offense at Obama's Characterization of Fox News Viewers

Gingrich, Hannity Take Offense at Obama's Characterization of Fox News Viewers

With his new monthly Netflix talk show, David Letterman is returning to the limelight - and bringing former president Barack Obama with him.

The entire segment is framed around two icons who are now on the other side of the peak in their respective careers.

That provoked a backlash by other media organizations who banded together to boycott the interviews unless Fox News was permitted to participate.

"The mainstream media, they want to destroy Trump and they loved him", Hannity said, referring to Obama. He feels that if Letterman had applied more pressure, there could have been different results. That's probably why the audience for Letterman's first show, filmed in NY, went absolutely insane when Obama was introduced by Letterman (one of the show's conceits is that nobody in the audience knows who they are there to see). Just think: a whole hour of new Obama content awaits us all. "Or maybe he would have surprised us all and said a lot more than we think he would have".

Apart from a few more personal discussions of subjects already widely covered, such as Obama's childhood and his book, Dreams from My Father, the bulk of the interview centered on current events and issues.

Obama never mentioned Trump by name during his talk with Letterman, though he did say that the presidency was about influencing people's thinking.

"In basically ignoring the ever looming current President of the United States on another s**tstorm of a day, the pre-taped result from last fall was primarily a warm, fuzzy, and sauntering up on boring chat between two well-spoken men who obviously like and respect each other and didn't want to cause each other any possible grief", Deadline's Dominic Patten wrote.

Interested in Barack Obama? "Do you have a staff?" he asks Letterman, teasing him about his Gandalfian hirsuteness. "I thought I was going to die", Lewis said.

The conversation with Obama, while mostly dense, was not without moments of levity.

It took many years for Letterman to hit his confabulatory stride, but when he finally developed a rhythm and a comfort level, he was very good at the "talk" part of the talk-show gig.

Though Malia Obama spent eight years of her life in the White House, we still don't know that much about her personality. In theory, this looks like a Hollywood ending - riding off into the sunset as the King of Late Night. "I'm a holy man now", Letterman responded. "There's a reason why Obama has not been on Kimmel and Colbert".

The bridge was also the site of one of Obama's most memorable speeches, delivered on the 50th anniversary of the march.

"I think what makes it worth watching is just... just seeing these two guys who were really giants in the culture, who have been out of the picture for the past year". These are really just live, in-depth, on-stage interviews that were taped for your enjoyment. Just interesting, unpredictable talk.

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