German SPD leader says still "big hurdles" to clear in…

German SPD leader says still

German SPD leader says still "big hurdles" to clear in…

"The renewal of the European Union will only succeed if Germany and France work together with all their strength".

Many SPD members remain sceptical about renewing the coalition.

The political relationship between the United States and Germany has already "changed dramatically" since President Donald Trump came into office, said Anderson.

A grand coalition would also leave the controversial Alternative for Germany as the lead opposition party in parliament. This would turn the fund into a European institution rather than an intergovernmental body.

"We will find solutions with France", she said. Many of Germany's worldwide allies congratulated Merkel and the other governing coalition leaders.

Although there was some movement in their discussions, albeit point by point, an adjournment of the talks was also not ruled early Friday.

In a clear overture to Macron Friday, he said: "We would be pleased if next to the great Franco-German axis there could be a small Franco-Austrian axis", he said.

It was a tense twenty-four hours and at the end, the possibility of a deal.

This could be a warning to Hungary and Poland, which have not taken in any refugees despite an European Union decision to do so.

CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL: (Foreign language spoken).

In an interview with Le Figaro newspaper Friday Kurz said he hoped Austria could act as a "bridge" between Western Europe and Central European countries, such as Hungary, which have refused to accept EU migrant quotas.

The German parties also point out that with changing policies in the USA, the rise of China and growing Russian influence in Europe, "Europe must take its fate more than before in their own hands".

"We expect Germany to join the movement, by adopting more offensive wage policies and investing more".

Days after the German election in September, Macron spelled out sweeping proposals in a speech in Paris.

Angela Merkel is heading into the final day of make-or-break negotiations to determine her future as Germany's leader.

Kevin Kuehnert, head of the Jusos youth branch of the SPD, told broadcaster ARD that a deal among coalition negotiators to drop Carbon dioxide emissions goals "was not a good start to these talks". If that succeeds, then the parties will proceed to full-blown coalition talks.

The SPD's youth wing chief Kevin Kuehnert said he would embark on a national tour to press his case against a new grand coalition, known as "GroKo" in German political shorthand.

After overnight talks on Thursday night, the three parties, Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), its sister party the Christian Social Union and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) agreed on a 28-page blueprint, Xinhua news agency reported quoting Focus Online. "This country can not afford another four years under this woman".

However, as CDU/CSU's coalition negotiations with the Greens and the Free Democrats collapsed, Schulz saw an opportunity to push his pro-Europe, social agenda through.

The SPD membership will vote on the deal at a party congress set for January 21.

"I am very satisfied with the content", Juncker told a press conference in Bulgaria on Friday, describing the deal's section on the future of the European Union as a "very significant, positive, constructive, forward-looking, purposeful contribution".

EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker is delighted with the pro-European deal. The document reportedly covered the refugees' family reunification process, suspending it till a new law is adopted and aiming to finally cap it at 1,000 people per month.

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