Education cap issue: Army evolving better system, says Rawat

Education cap issue: Army evolving better system, says Rawat

Education cap issue: Army evolving better system, says Rawat

Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat said on Friday some schools in Jammu and Kashmir were allegedly teaching students with two maps - one of India and another of the state, the Hindustan Times reported.

"Unless the pain is felt by the Pakistan Army, it would send terrorists, who are disposable commodities for them".

He said both India and China were very keen on having a hotline between the Indian Army's Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and the Chinese officer holding similar position. If we will have to really confront the Pakistanis, and a task is given to us and the country gives us a task, we are not going to say that we can not cross the border because they have nuclear weapons. "We also need to build capacity to move forces from western sector to northern sectors".

Addressing the media here, Gen Rawat said the time had come for India to shift focus to its northern border and the country was capable of handling China's assertiveness along it. "If you are putting a map of Jammu and Kashmir, then you may as well put maps of every state", Rawat said.

However, Rawat admitted that the Chinese troop strength in Doklam had gone down recently.

On combating terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, the Army Chief asserted that "We may have neutralised several terrorists but we have also caught 39 of them alive because we wanted to give them a second chance".

Speaking about cyber security, he said that the Army was concerned about cyber and information warfare and stressed on the need for the security establishment to have good firewalls and systems in place.

To another question, he said India and the U.S. were deliberating on a proposal to appoint military liaison officers at each other's combatant commands. "We will not allow our territory to be intruded". The issue was resolved diplomatically in November.

"What is being incorrectly informed to them (youth of Kashmir) is through the madrasas and the masjids".

Significantly Gen Rawat warned Pakistan not use the threat of nuclear war against India, "If Pakistan were to raise the nuclear boogie, I think we will call the bluff", he said. "We will have to do our own job", he said, adding the USA had its own "compulsions" to maintain relations with Pakistan.

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