Man declared dead by three doctors wakes in morgue

Man declared dead by three doctors wakes in morgue

Man declared dead by three doctors wakes in morgue

A prisoner in Spain has woken up in alarming fashion in a body bag in a hospital mortuary after being declared dead by three doctors.

Montoya Jiménez's body already had marks drawn on it in preparation for an autopsy to determine cause of death when he regained consciousness.

According to local media, he woke just hours before the post-mortem examination was due to be undertaken.

Montoya has been in prison for 29 years. He was placed in the most unsafe section of the prison population. The prisoner allegedly complained of feeling ill the day before. Officials said he was cyanotic - the purplish discolouration in skin that appears after death.

After being transferred to a morgue and pronounced dead, doctors heard snoring coming from inside his body bag.

Three experts are supposed to examine a prisoner before they can officially be declared dead. "Quite the opposite", reported El Espanol.

Two doctors at the prison believed he had died and the court sent a forensic doctor from the judicial commission to officially declare his death.

When Jiménez was "resurrected", the first thing he did was ask for his wife.

Telecinco report that it is believed that a case of catalepsy is responsible for the man almost being killed by the coroner.

"It's still not clear at the moment exactly why this occurred", said the prison department spokesman.

They also said that Montoya may not have been taking his epilepsy medication while in prison, which could have led to a case of catalepsy - a condition where vital signs drop to undetectable levels.

A hospital spokesman confirmed the patient was in intensive care but said he couldn't comment on his condition, although a well-placed source said his life was not thought to be in danger now he was being cared for in the proper place.

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