2 more die of Swine Flu at SKIMS, toll rises to 27

2 more die of Swine Flu at SKIMS, toll rises to 27

2 more die of Swine Flu at SKIMS, toll rises to 27

The Ohio Department of Health has released that just under 4,000 cases of flu related hospitalizations have been reported in Ohio since October. That spike is comparable to the amount seen during the entirety of last year's flu season, and local hospitals have felt the strain.

Like Harding, Nash said she has read that an influenza strain has hit the country that health officials were not expecting.

Last year, 12 states had widespread cases, but this year there are 46.

The CDC has only one chance to get the vaccine right, Harding said, meaning it can not offer another one halfway through the flu season.

The CDC says you can help limit the spread of the flu by washing your hands often and disinfecting spots that are touched frequently.

Rodriguez said that even if the vaccine is weak this year, vaccinating is still the most important thing county residents can do to avoid getting sick and mitigate the illness if they do get sick. He added, that if teachers get sick, the school is also ready to support them with substitute teachers available and on call.

CDC says that flu activity in the US increased sharply during the first week of January, and is now categorized as widespread in 46 states. H3N2-predominant flu seasons have been associated with more severe illness, especially among children and adults age 65 and older. Vaccine effectiveness against other circulating flu viruses has been about 60 percent for H1N1 viruses, and around 50 percent for influenza B viruses.

KRMC saw 39 flu patients the week before Christmas, 78 the week after Christmas and 86 in the first week of the New Year, spokeswoman Teri Williams said. Byrne says, "It's a high fever, usually over a hundred degrees, with a severe headache and body aches, and extreme fatigue that can last up to three weeks; and you could have a cough". OH does not have a flu shot shortage. But for certain serious viral infections - HIV and hepatitis C are good examples - highly effective antiviral drugs have revolutionized care, prevented suffering, and saved countless lives.

He said he recommends the three C's for prevention: Cover your cough, clean your hands and contain it - meaning people should stay home when they are sick.

Public health officials are also urging those who are sick to stay home, and for employers to allow workers to take days away when they're ill.

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