Trump Appears To Forget The Words To The National Anthem

Trump Appears To Forget The Words To The National Anthem

Trump Appears To Forget The Words To The National Anthem

He sang a few words as Georgia's Zac Brown Band and a gospel choir performed the anthem.

It is also pertinent to mention Trump pushed the national anthem as a partisan issue shortly before the game during a speech to the American Farm Bureau Federation in Tennessee, tweeting, "We want our flag respected - and we want our NATIONAL ANTHEM respected also!" "Today's Impeach-O-Meter: "Donald "#MAGA" Trump doesn't know the words to the national anthem", the outlet wrote.

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these National Football League owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, 'Get that son of a b***h off the field right now, out".

College football fans were glued to their televisions Monday night (Jan. 8) as the Alabama Crimson Tide faced off against the Georgia Bulldogs in this year's heated NCAA National Championship game.

"Most schools are wise enough not to play the national anthem while players are on the field", Kansas State coach Bill Snyder told the AP at the time, adding, "I concur with that".

Boos were heard along with cheers as Trump's motorcade pulled up to the stadium and then again during the ceremony, when the divisive politician appeared to forget the words to the national anthem. Whereas people against Trump were critical of him not singing along fully.

While the president did not respond to criticism of his lack of singing, he did update his Twitter photo to a picture of himself during Monday night's national anthem.

He said that Trump "stood stoic at midfield, hand over heart, mouthing words". Either way, a lot of people are harshly criticizing the President in light of recent comments he made by calling on National Football League owners to suspend players who disrespect the flag by kneeling during the anthem. The general fear is that he is developing Dementia and Twitter users in America have not stopped coming for him for seemingly forgetting the words to the American national anthem.

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