PUBG PC Update Replaces Energy Drink, Adds New Loot Crates

PUBG PC Update Replaces Energy Drink, Adds New Loot Crates

PUBG PC Update Replaces Energy Drink, Adds New Loot Crates

It has been announced that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting an update for its Xbox One build (Game Preview) on the official Twitter feed. From December 12, 2017 list of platforms the game was added and Xbox One, which she, too, is out in early access. Most fans could hardly get on the plane before the game crashed, or once gameplay did come, the game was slow and chugged along one frame at a time.

Below you will find quality of life fixes, as well as our efforts to resolve known memory crashes, and incremental improvements to performance.

The update also featured a number of optimizations, including PhysX performance enhancements, an increase to server FPS, an increase to client FPS, and some slight VFX optimizations. Yeap, as of today, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the best selling game in the history of PC gaming. The patch is available now on PUBG's test server.

This clever combination of elements makes for some extremely intense cat-and-mouse encounters: edge-of-your-seat scenarios that are largely retained in PUBG's recent Xbox One release.

With the addition of the report button to the replay feature, players can take a look at what they believe is cheating behavior and likely forward that evidence along with their report.

The devs say the replay report tool will be a more effective and efficient way of flagging players who are spoiling your fun.

The question remains, however, is how long will PUBG stay in Game Preview? That said, with the amount of glitches they have to fix on the Xbox (even with this patch), it might be a good year or two before the console version comes out in full.

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