Lana Del Rey Addresses Radiohead Lawsuit at Denver Concert

Lana Del Rey Addresses Radiohead Lawsuit at Denver Concert

Lana Del Rey Addresses Radiohead Lawsuit at Denver Concert

"It's true about the lawsuit". The band had rejected her offer of 40 percent of the song's publishing royalties, she claimed, demanding 100 percent. "So we will deal with it in court". Radiohead meanwhile, ditched their original Brit Pop sounds as exemplified by "Creep", and reinvented themselves after lead singer Thom Yorke got really, really inspired by the IDM put out by influential electronic record label Warp.

While Lana Del Rey hasn't released any new official statement on the case, we'll be following this one closely, so stay tuned.

"It's clear that the verses of "Get Free" use musical elements found in the verses of "Creep" and we've requested that this be acknowledged in favour of all writers of "Creep".

Lana Del Rey commented further on her legal battle with Radiohead at a concert in Denver on Sunday night, it has emerged.

The English rock band allege Del Rey lifted the melody and chord progression of "Creep", arguably one of the band's best-known songs, on her latest album.

It may have been an irresistible headline: Radiohead sues Lana Del Rey! Radiohead have claimed that is shows a startling similarity to their hit "Creep".

She told fans that "regardless of what happens in court", she stood by the song's message of rejecting negativity and embracing a more positive mindset. As a result, both Hammond and Hazlewood are now listed as co-writers.

It has to be said, there are similarities between the two songs.

These situation nearly always involve only melodies and chord progressions, and not other elements, less definable, elements of songs, which would open up a whole more lawsuits.

Some may see Radiohead pursuing this case as a bit rich, given that their song Creep has been likened to Air That I Breathe by The Hollies.

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