Nvidia Revs Up CES Consumer Tech Show With Autonomous Car News

Nvidia Revs Up CES Consumer Tech Show With Autonomous Car News

Nvidia Revs Up CES Consumer Tech Show With Autonomous Car News

Nvidia announced two new partnerships with Uber Technologies and Volkswagen AG signalling further expansion into AI technology for self-driving cars.

"Xavier will power the Nvidia Drive software stack, now expanded to a trio of AI platforms covering every aspect of the experience inside next-generation automobiles", said Nvidia. "It starts with, of course, building a brand-new type of processor we call the Drive Xavier, an autonomous machine processor that is able to do deep learning, perception, has the ability to do parallel computing and also computer vision and high-performance computing at very, very energy-efficient levels".

"Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the auto", said Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess.

Nvidia has had a stellar past year, with its share price doubling since the same period in 2017.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed Sunday during his keynote at CES 2018, the annual tech trade show in Las Vegas, that Aurora is going to be using Nvidia's new Xavier processor as one of the building blocks of its self-driving vehicle system. Nvidia, which recently squeezed a trunkful of computers onto a circuit board the size of a license plate, will supply the artificial intelligence hardware and software to replace Uber drivers, as well as freight truck drivers, in the future. "Working with NVIDIA, the leader in AI technology, enables us to take a big step into the future".

NVIDIA has previously teamed up with the likes of Tesla and China's Baidu.

He told the audience that the tech is helping these cars better understand the world around them and make quick navigational decisions. Platforms such as Drive IX and Drive AR, an augmented reality system, work using Xavier. In total, Nvidia is now collaborating with more than 320 companies on self-driving vehicle and truck initiatives worldwide, including carmakers, auto parts suppliers and information technology firms.

"NVIDIA's AI supercomputing architecture is ideal for our autonomous driving applications, as it can process huge amounts of data from sensors in real time, and localize the vehicle on our high-definition digital maps", said Zhenyu Li, vice president and general manager of the Intelligent Driving Group at Baidu.

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