LG's 65-Inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Up, Hidden Away

LG's 65-Inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Up, Hidden Away

LG's 65-Inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Up, Hidden Away

LG's blowing everyone's minds at CES 2018 with its 65-inch UHD OLED TV that anyone can just roll up like a newspaper.

Of course it's not just a space-saving feature, LG envisages scenarios where the TV only partially raises to show an information display, giving you the day's weather report, breaking news headlines or even bringing up a voice assistant. The company has been teasing the idea for years, and then we finally got a look at a prototype at last year's CES show. LG first showed off the wallpaper model a year ago.

Two years ago, LG showed off a smaller foldable display; that one had an HD resolution of 1,200 by 810 with nearly 1 million megapixels.

What's most likely is that LG would flog these panels to businesses looking to impress with a fancy display. No this is a 65 inch beast of a display with these characteristics and full 4K ultra HD resolution, just like one of LG's excellent normal OLED televisions, except for the whole paper-like design part.

That said, tech firms have sporadically showcased flexible and rollable displays at such tech conferences over the years.

Like the 88-inch 8K OLED that LG is showing off, this 65-inch rollaway model is merely a prototype, and LG has not announced any plans to sell a commercial variant.

This is far from the first we've heard about a rollable OLED from LG Display.

In small-sized displays, Samsung and LG's position is reversed as the former controls over 90 percent of the market in OLED display for smartphones.

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