HTC unveils 'Pro' virtual reality headset

HTC unveils 'Pro' virtual reality headset

HTC unveils 'Pro' virtual reality headset

HTC also announced a wireless component to this equation for both the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro.

The headset also interestingly now features dual-front-facing cameras accessible to developers, who can presumably use them for inside-out tracking and mixed reality applications. The Vive Pro's resolution is 2880x1600 (combined), a 78% increase from the standard 2160×1200 resolution shared by the original Vive and the Oculus Rift. HTC hasn't yet mentioned increased PC-spec requirements for this newer, higher-res Vive, however, nor about whether the Vive Pro will use any resolution-smoothing tricks for weaker PCs. There's no word on when the wireless adapter is going to be available, or how much it will cost.

Teasing the news earlier with a tweet about New Year's resolution, HTC revealed the re-designed VR machine and all the goodies inside. Thanks to that bump, HTC says "text, graphics, and [the] overall experience all come into sharper view".

That's certainly the case with most of the virtual reality headsets we've seen for the past couple of years, with only mobile VR - the Gear VR and Google Daydream headsets - really escaping the wired fate.

Currently, there are no details about upgraded optics in the form of new lenses, but considering Valve's announcement of new lenses for future VR headsets, I would expect these to be included in the Vive Pro. Not only does the Pro promise a massive improvement over the original Vive, the promise of a potentially wireless experience puts HTC pretty far ahead of its competitors. "Wireless VR has been on almost every VR user's wish list since the technology was unveiled", Frank Soqui, GM of the virtual reality group at Intel, said in a statement. Stay tuned for our hands-on impressions of the Vive Pro. Unlike any other platform, you'll be able to demo VR games in the VR world through the Vive headset prior to purchasing a title.

HTC VIVE Raises The Bar For Premium VR With New VIVE PRO Upgrade And Wireless VIVE Adaptor - VIVE Blog
HTC unveils 'Pro' virtual reality headset

These advancements deliver on VR users' desire for higher resolution, improved audio, greater comfort, wireless freedom and immersive content discovery.

The company also showed off a wireless adapter that has been optimized for low latency.

Finally, HTC has released a new update for the Vive Video app.

Last but not least, is partnering with Vimeo for its Vive Video service. It works with both the Vive and the Vive Pro and will be coming sometime this summer.

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