Google Pay merges Android Pay and Google Wallet

Google Pay merges Android Pay and Google Wallet

Google Pay merges Android Pay and Google Wallet

The new brand is supposed to give users a single, unified platform for their purchases across all their devices and in-store, while removing all the confusion that revolves around the Android Pay and Google Wallet brands.

With this new system, your payment information will be saved in your Google account and will then be available to use everywhere you use Google products.

The Google Pay brand will start to appear online in the coming weeks, and Google has no plans to phase out the Android Pay or Google Wallet brands, a spokesperson said. Starting today, Android Pay and Google Wallet will henceforth be combined into the all-encompassing Google Pay. For the rest of the things like Google's own app such as YouTube or Google Play, you will be able to sign-up for new subscriptions or buy apps using a single Google Pay account. Over the past couple of years this payment service reached the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland, Russia and Canada among many other countries.

You may have already seen Google Pay branding in the wild as it is now featured on Airbnb, HungryHouse, Instacart, Dice and Fandango. Reports last week suggested the company was preparing a bid for leading payments provider Softcard as it looks to expand the capabilities of Google Wallet and take on the likes of Apple Pay.

Senior VP of Fandango Mark Young said, "Google Pay provides a simple, intuitive option for Fandango customers to speed through checkout with just one tap".

Think of it more as a rebranding rather than a change to Google's underlying products or technology.

But there was no benefit in waiting for Google to finally capitalize on its most powerful branding tool-its name-with Google Pay after its odyssey of trial and error with other ideas, analysts agree.

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