Nintendo Switch Is (Allegedly) Hacked For Good

Nintendo Switch Is (Allegedly) Hacked For Good

Nintendo Switch Is (Allegedly) Hacked For Good

If we look back in time, we can see that Nintendo has reigned supreme many times in gaming history. This was followed by the Super Nintendo buzz of 1990 and the N64 craze of 1996.

If sales continue to be strong for the Switch, it coule reach the top 10 selling consoles of all time in the next few years. About 55 percent of Switch owners have Zelda.

According to Nintendo, the Switch sold more than 4.8 million units in the United States since the system's launch ten months ago, breaking the record previously held by the Wii which sold 4 million units in its first ten months. The hybrid console is already expected to sell 4 million units at the beginning of the year with many consumers unable to buy the Switch last year due to extremely high demand.

The Switch previously set a Nintendo record for fastest-selling console during its first two days on the market. With so much technology taking a move towards mobile devices, Nintendo knew that they had to embrace this movement.

When Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch many gamers and analysts thought that it will fail and it will become another Wii U. No third party support and poor design. However, with more games being released each month for this system, that is not likely.

What do you think, would you like to see a Switch DS or you are more than happy with the console of Nintendo Switch? "This is *the* solution for opening up CFW (Custom FirmWare) on the Nintendo Switch", said Team-Xecuter on their blog.

This means news on Pokemon Switch, a new Metroid title, a Fire Emblem game and other flagship series could soon see an announcement on the console.

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