LG Electronics to showcase concept robots at CES 2018

LG Electronics to showcase concept robots at CES 2018

LG Electronics to showcase concept robots at CES 2018

The technology company announced today (January 4) that it will be taking three new concept robots to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week. They join LG's Airport Guide Robot and Airport Cleaning Robot that have been successfully trialled at Incheon International Airport, which serves the Korean capital of Seoul. The new concept robots are specifically created to cater to consumers' needs when they are at hotels, airports and supermarkets.

These three robots, the latest addition to LG's CLOi (pronounced like "chloe") brand of robots, follow after the airport cleaners and airport guides that the company showed off past year, at CES 2017 no less.

It is also claimed that LG has created a robot with can take luggage to hotel rooms as well as check people in and out.

LG's CLOi robots will be developed in parallel to ThinQ products, LG's AI brand for consumer electronics and home appliances. Called CLOi, the robots are more like rolling baskets, created to hold a variety of items, and work in grocery stores and airports too.

The droids have been created with the aim of working in supermarkets, hotels and airports, according to the South China Morning Post. The Serving Robot takes this one step further, allowing the restaurants to deliver food round-the-clock free from human input, with a built-in sliding tray from which the customer can remove their order.

Created to deliver luggage to guests' rooms, the Porter Robot minimizes the inconvenience that may result from slow service and long wait times during a hotel stay. After each delivery is confirmed, the robot comes back on its own.

The Porter Robot will be used in hotels for express check-in and check-out, with payments accepted by the robots that will reduce waiting times. The bot is also capable of delivering guests' luggage to the waiting vehicle at a fast rate.

LG is also applying its robotics know-how to improve the shopping experience at premium supermarkets.

With the CLOi line (pronounced KLOH-ee), the three robots share a similar design with a squat, barrel body topped by a circular face-like interface display, and it is purely the programming that distinguishes one from another. It will also help them locate items.

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