Samsung's Exynos 9810 CPU is OFFICIAL (And She's A Monster)

Samsung's Exynos 9810 CPU is OFFICIAL (And She's A Monster)

Samsung's Exynos 9810 CPU is OFFICIAL (And She's A Monster)

The one convoluting factor with Samsung is its ongoing utilization of Qualcomm's chips in a few nations, which, on account of the Galaxy S9, will most likely mean the organization will depend on the Snapdragon 845 close by its most recent Exynos.

Samsung is now producing the Exynos 9810 chip for use on upcoming devices. "The Exynos 9810 will be a key catalyst for innovation in smart platforms such as smartphones and personal computing for the coming AI era", said Ben Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.

With the benefits of advanced 10nm process technology, the Exynos 9810 will enable seamless multi-tasking with faster loading and transition times between the latest mobile apps.

"The Exynos 9810 has introduced features like neural network-based deep learning algorithms and stronger security".

The chip will power several functions on future Samsung smartphones, but it will also assist in some standout features that may be comparable to those on Apple's new iPhone X. Samsung detailed in a press release that the Exynos 9810 chip allows for technology that can "scan a user's face in 3D for hybrid face detection".

Its updated chip has an eight-core CPU, with four performance cores that can reach speeds of 2.9GHz and four efficiency cores to reduce the drain on the battery when the chip's full capabilities aren't needed.

The chipset is already in mass production and Samsung has finally shed some light on the specifications of the Exynos 9810 and we will be detailing everything here, so continue reading.

Additional security features include a processing unit that safeguards user information like facial, iris and fingerprint data. The SoC also comes with improved cache memory as well as wider pipeline to increment the performance.

The LTE modem in the Exynos 9810 makes it much easier to broadcast or stream videos at up to UHD resolution, or in even newer visual formats such as 360-degree video.

When it comes to streaming of "high-quality virtual reality content", the Exynos 9810 has downlink and uplink speed of up to 1.2Gbps (LTE Cat.18 6CA) and 200Mbps (LTE Cat.18 2CA) respectively. There's also 4x4 MIMO and 256-QAM, filling out connectivity for the true enthusiasts. Samsung says that the technology will help the processor to accurately recognise people or items in pictures for fast image searching.

The upgraded MFC supports video recording and playback at up to UHD resolution at 120 frames per second (fps).

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