Probe starts into report on breach of Aadhaar database

Probe starts into report on breach of Aadhaar database

Probe starts into report on breach of Aadhaar database

On Thursday, the UIDAI said that the Aadhaar information including biometric data is purely safe and secure. Demographic information can not be misused without biometrics, UIDAI said.

The paper said it bought access for as little as Rs 500 from someone on a WhatsApp social media group.

Though the newspaper didn't clarify whether or not they were able to access such sensitive citizen information - previously-mentioned fingerprint or iris scan records - they have claimed that they were able to "get all particulars that an individual may have submitted to the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)", including names, addresses, photos, etc.

The newspaper said what it found in its investigation was that unauthorised persons have gained access to people's personal information.

Aadhaar has been embroiled in controversy before: in November, government agencies published the Aadhaar numbers of citizens, along with addresses and bank details.

This thing came when the matter in Supreme Court is all set to begin the final hearing of petitions challenging the legality of Aadhaar programme based on privacy concerns on January 17.

"Do we need more proof to stop this madness?"

The UIDAI dismissed reports Aadhaar details leaking, asserting that its system is "secure" and any misuse can be traced and action taken as it maintains complete log of various functions.

UIDAI, the Aadhaar governing body further stated that the Aadhaar information can only be accessed by designated personnel and state government officials, and the search facility is available for the goal of grievance redressal.

In its point-by-point response to UIDAI's denial, the newspaper said UIDAI's admission that the search facility on its website had been "misused" did not change the fact that the theft had taken taken place.

At the same time, UIDAI said Aadhaar number is not a secret number, and is to be shared with authorized agencies whenever an Aadhaar holder wants to avail a service or benefit of government welfare schemes. They added that no fingerprint data or retinal scans are now available and security breach claims are unfounded.

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