Experts give advice about returning holiday gifts

Experts give advice about returning holiday gifts

Experts give advice about returning holiday gifts

"In fact many major stores will only allow you 90 days to return an item but some as little 30 days or even 15 days".

Some stores will swap it out and give you a regular gift card if you're looking to re-gift after the holidays. And if you don't have a receipt, the store will only give you what the item is worth at the time of return. Never fear, as we've done the research on four retail giants and their gift return policies, so you can trade in those not-so-cute socks for the Beats headphones you've been dreaming of. And experts say you may be better off staying home for now. And if returns aren't on your radar but you still have a little shopping stamina left, deal seekers say there's one place you'll find big-time sales this week that's often overlooked.

Bed Bath & Beyond also has a great policy with no limit on returns if you have a receipt or packing slip. Consult the Returns and Refunds Policy section on a seller's profile. If you have no gift receipt, Jenna suggests going to the store where you know it was purchased and ask to speak to a manager. You pay for shipping if mailing a returned item. The return policy for this huge electronics retailer says it wants to deliver the "convenience you deserve".

Many take a restocking fee out of the refund amount.

If you're not sure where a gift came from, there are apps to help!

Another common mistake, returning items the days after Christmas; a rule that could save people time standing in long lines. With a gift receipt, you can get a store credit. For holiday returns, merchandise purchased from November through December 24 can be returned through January 31.

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