USA strategic bombers to train in South Korea

USA strategic bombers to train in South Korea

USA strategic bombers to train in South Korea

Washington usually deploys B-1B in pairs as a response to North Korea provocations as a show of force, or during routine training.

China has proposed that North Korea suspend missile and nuclear testing in exchange for a halt to US-South Korean military exercises.

The South Korean Air Force deployed F-15K, KF-16 and F-5 fighter jets.

The South Korean army's adoption of drones on the battlefield follows the footsteps of the USA and Chinese armed forces, which have already adopted swarming drone tactics.

The exact number of military aircraft has not been disclosed by military officials but RT reports that there could have been more than one B-1B bomber present during the drill.

"Through the exercise, the South Korean and US Air Forces have demonstrated the alliance's strong will and capability for strong retaliation against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats", the JCS said.

China's latest military exercise may serve as a reminder to the U.S. that the two military powers could find themselves on opposite ends once again if North Korea is attacked.

The North's KCNA state news agency accused the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump of "begging for nuclear war" by moving forward with the joint exercise.

The latest assertion of military might contrasts with a diplomatic effort unfolding on the Korean Peninsula this week, as United Nations envoy Jeffrey Feltman pays a rare visit to the increasingly isolated nation.

A USA supersonic B-1B bomber flies over Korea, flanked by several other warplanes of the allies, on December 6, 2017, in this photo provided by South Korea's Air Force.

While China agrees with the U.S. that Pyongyang's nuclear-weapons progress is risky, it fundamentally disagrees on the preservation of the North Korean state. "Let them say it directly. then we can take a decision about how to react", Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said last week.

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