Nintendo is porting Wii games in HD to NVIDIA Shield

Nintendo is porting Wii games in HD to NVIDIA Shield

Nintendo is porting Wii games in HD to NVIDIA Shield

Already, Nvidia has confirmed that The New Super Mario Bros Wii and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are available to play on the Shield in remastered 1080p with other titles such as Super Mario Galaxy planned for the future. Those are all major titles, but it doesn't stop there. Now we'll be those limits pushed even further with new games from Nintendo, at least in China anyway. The company has typically kept games with its most famous characters-Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and others-available only on its in-house consoles. New Super Mario Bros. Yet letting Mario grace TV screens powered by a non-Nintendo marks an extremely rare move for the Kyoto-based firm. With China surpassing the the world's largest gaming market, pressure has been building on Nintendo to bring its titles to the mainland. To date, an overwhelming majority of Nintendo's revenue comes from physical hardware and software sales. This is not the first crossover between Nvidia and Nintendo, where Nvidia's Tegra actually powers the somewhat recently launched Nintendo Switch, one of their more successful consoles in recent years.

Nintendo's family-friendly lineup means it may fare better with China's censors.

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo released a statement in Chinese saying, "We're very happy to have this opportunity to let our entertainment products bring joy to the vast body of Chinese players".

We've reached out to Nintendo for comment. In September, it announced plans to release Tencent Holdings Ltd.'s Honour of Kings for Nintendo Switch. At the same time, this might be a first step towards seeing Wii and GameCube games on Switch.

A Twitter user by the name of Daniel Ahmad has noted the possible deal, with the Nvidia Shield set to make its debut in mainland China, for the price of RMB 1499. Meanwhile, last September, Nintendo reached an agreement to distribute a hit title from Chinese game maker Tencent overseas (paywall).

Console gaming remains extremely new in China-to date, it represents only about 1% of all digital gaming revenue. Nintendo's spokesman declined to say when the Nintendo Switch might go on sale in China.

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