Eating Cheese Every Day Might Actually Be Good for You

Eating Cheese Every Day Might Actually Be Good for You

Eating Cheese Every Day Might Actually Be Good for You

With it's high fat content, Cheese isn't typically thought of as a heart-healthy food.

The analysis revealed that people who regularly consumed cheese were up to 18 percent less likely to develop CVD, up to 14 percent less likely to develop CHD, and up to 10 percent less likely to have a stroke, compared with those who had a low cheese intake.

Heather Zinn, The Cheese Lady Grand Rapids stopped by My West Michigan to share cheeses that you may want to consider.

Experts, however, warn that this is not linear - in short, the study does not mean that people should start consuming blocks of cheese to prevent heart disease. (But the findings were) certainly different from what people might expect.

Researchers suggest that eating a small amount of cheese every day may benefit heart health.

"This is not the same as eating a big slice of cheesy pizza every day", says Stewart. They scientists pored over 15 observational studies that included more than 200000 people.

While cheese is a source of saturated fat, the researchers state that it "also has potentially beneficial nutrients", such as calcium, which helps limit how much saturated fat the body absorbs. Either way, I've yet to find a weirdo who doesn't like cheese, whether they eat it or not.

Cheese also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an unsaturated fatty acid that may increase the amount of of HDL "good" cholesterol and decrease "bad" LDL levels. "There is some evidence that cheese - as a substitute for milk, for example - may actually have a protective effect on the heart". "No one's saying you should definitely go out and eat 40 grams of cheese a day. But on the upside, a bit of cheese on a cracker doesn't sound unreasonable", Stewart said. Still, the fact that cheese benefits exist that may outweigh the negatives of saturated fat is encouraging. Researchers didn't specify whether one type of cheese was better than the rest.

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