Cheerleader's 'invisible box' stunt breaks the internet

Cheerleader's 'invisible box' stunt breaks the internet

Cheerleader's 'invisible box' stunt breaks the internet

The challenge has taken the internet by storm, but not everyone has been as successful as Ariel.

But the moving leg that hops forward faces a greater challenge.

The premise of the challenge is to "step" onto the "box" with one foot then "step" over it with the other, creating the illusion of a solid object. Several people are trying this and recently a high school cheer leader - identified as Ariel - accepted this challenge and left people on social media stunned.

Her video on Twitter went viral, with over 145,000 retweets (a number that will surely grow.) If you think that looks easy, try it for yourself-it's a lot harder than it looks, as this reporter discovered.

The cheerleader's act two may be even better than act one. Star Trek actor William Shatner tweeted about the challenge, saying "And BTW don't ask me to do the invisible box challenge; the answer is no". Brush it off, wipe it down, give it a pat-anything to establish this idea of the step.

Place your flexed foot on top of the "box" you just established.

'The technique, if you want to make it look like (her video), is to bring the other leg higher than the other as if you are actually stepping over a box'. It requires some good kinesthetic sense to keep the raised leg in the same position while you lift the jumping foot higher. This will help hammer home the message that you're really cool.

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