Cities Vow to Fill US Void on Climate Change

Cities Vow to Fill US Void on Climate Change

Cities Vow to Fill US Void on Climate Change

Dubbed the "Chicago Climate Charter", Plante and the more than 50 other mayors at the C40 conference are essentially committing to doing what Donald Trump has rejected: following the guidelines outset in the Paris Climate Accord.

Former President Barack Obama will speak to dozens of mayors and leaders from around the world Tuesday as they prepare to sign what's being called a "first-of-its-kind worldwide agreement on climate change" in Chicago.

The American economy's success comes down to environmental policies put in place during the Obama administration, said former President Barack Obama during a speech Tuesday as he jokingly thanked himself.

Mohsen Nasseri, the head of National Climate Change Plan in the Department of Environment, evaluated the delay as positive since it provides time to examine the socioeconomic ramifications of the accord.

"Obviously, we're in an unusual time when the United States is now the only nation on Earth that does not belong to the Paris Agreement", Obama continued.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, (center) with other mayors from the U.S., Mexico and Canada at the summit, says, "There is an absence of leadership out of Washington" on climate change.

"The good news is that the Paris agreement was never going to solve the climate crisis on its own. I'm calling on our businesses, utilities, Public Service Commission and state government to acknowledge the importance of climate change and work with us to plan and invest in solutions". The agreement, modeled on the Paris agreement, commits individual cities to bringing down their carbon emissions. We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far.

The Chicago Climate Charter commits signatory cities from around the world to achieving the emissions reductions contained in the Paris Agreement on climate change reached in 2015, despite President Donald Trump's announcement that the USA will leave the deal.

Without mentioning Trump by name, Emanuel, a former White House chief of staff to Obama, said Trump is in denial on climate change but shouldn't ignore science.

Though Obama avoided direct criticism of Trump, Emanuel was eager to denounce the current president, like many Americans of color whose livelihood has been choked by his administration.

"You may withdraw", says Emanuel, referring to Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Obama pointed out that after his administration took steps to cut carbon emissions and signed on to the Paris climate accord "we saw the U.S. economy grow consistently". "But we're all in on the Paris protocols".

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