Black Mirror season 4 release date announced in official trailer

Black Mirror season 4 release date announced in official trailer

Black Mirror season 4 release date announced in official trailer

We've already seen the trailers for each episode of Black Mirror Season 4, but you want to see bits of new footage from all six episodes, you have to check out this full trailer that Netflix just released.

Netflix has, at last, revealed the Emmy-winning anthology drama's return date: December 29.

It's that sense of realism that makes the episodes we've seen of "Black Mirror" so far so unsettling at times, and with the trailer above and the little teasers from each episode we've seen in the run-up to the new season, we imagine that's something that's going to continue throughout the new episodes.

Taker a look at it above!

After three short series of high intensity episodes which kept us gripped to our seats looking for more, we can not wait until December 29, to see the arrival of this new series "rumoured" to be better than the rest. The next round consists of six stand-alone episodes, including the 76-minute Star Trek-ian entry, "U.S.S. Callister", and the show's first-ever black-and-white episode, "Metalhead". Season 4 will be available on Netflix on a Black Friday, December 29th, 2017 to be exact. And which episode are you most looking forward to?

Like any reflective surface, Black Mirror often shows viewers a vision of themselves that they may not wish to embrace.

OK, but which of the new episodes can fans expect to bring them tears of joy instead of tears or terror? And last but not least, "Crocodile" explores a future in which memory is subjective, while "Hang the DJ" essentially revolves around Tinder's evil twin - not only does the dating app select your significant other, it also decides when your relationship ends.

"Arkangel" is parenting à la Black Mirror, wherein a kid wandering off a playground is clear proof that "the key to good parenting is control", which means punching needles directly into children's temples.

In season 4, the series is sewn even closer to reality via two episodes where technology-as always-is integral, but broken humanity is the ultimate source of dread.

"I think what's cool about [Black Mirror] is there are so many genres within the genre, and Charlie's not afraid to [go] down the rabbit hole and say, 'Here, take the blue pill, take the whatever", Rosemarie DeWitt, the star of Season 4's "Arkangel" tells TV Guide.

- Black Museum, directed by Colm McCarthy (The Girl with All the Gifts) and starring Douglas Hodge (The Night Manager, Catastrophe), Letitia Wright (Humans, Ready Player One), Babs Olusanmokun (Roots, The Defenders).

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