Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian Are Apparently Feuding Again

Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian Are Apparently Feuding Again

Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian Are Apparently Feuding Again

The art display - which West premiered a year ago in the song's music video - served as another chapter in the long-running feud between West and Swift, as it featured naked wax figures of multiple celebrities including Swift.

Is Kim Kardashian back to feuding with Taylor Swift?

On Monday, Kim posted a throwback photo of herself taking pictures of Kanye's infamous 'Famous' sculpture that showed taylor lying naked in bed with Kim, her husband and a bunch of other celebrities including the now President of the United States. "I made that bitch famous" line from the video's accompanying single sent the Swift army into a blonde-haired, chapstick-wearing frenzy.

Do you think Kim was really trying to take a shot at Taylor, or is this one case where fans are overreacting?

Kardashian posted her photo from the "Famous" exhibit on the same day British Vogue unveiled its new cover featuring Swift.

There's no love lost between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift - and the same goes for their fans.

In the comments section of the image, many angered viewers posted rat or mice emojis to denote the makeup entrepreneur, while others proudly shared Tay's snake crest.

"I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be part of, since 2009", she wrote in response at the time.

Swift had previously denied giving West her blessing to use the racy lyrics. The backlash carried over to the comments on additional posts on her page.

The 27-year-old fired back, saying she never heard the full song, as the 40-year-old allegedly promised, and was upset about the "I made that bitch famous" line, which he didn't play for her during their phone conversation.

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