Association pleased with potential IN delay of ELD mandate

Association pleased with potential IN delay of ELD mandate

Association pleased with potential IN delay of ELD mandate

The law allows truckers to drive for no more than 10-hours in a 14-hour work window with a 10-hour break after driving. "The University of MI did a study where they hacked an ELD very easily". Drivers can only work a certain number of hours a day, and the Wrights say the previous method of logging data was flexible with the inevitable traffic delays. "With owner-operators, it's the government that wants to track us". "And yet you are telling me that putting an ELD in his truck is going to make him a safer driver", Killeen said.

ELDs would be devastating to her business, according to Shelli Conaway of Greenup.

We have reached out to Congressman Jordan's office and his communication director, Melika Willoughby released this statement: In recent months, Congressman Jordan and members of his staff have met numerous times with truckers on each side of this issue. "I've been driving for going on for 28 years and I've run paper all these years...just like anything else, if it isn't broke don't fix it". While there are some exemptions from the ELD mandate for farm and agricultural hauling, numerous rigs used for hauling horses and the activities horse owners participate in may be considered as falling outside of the exemptions. The new mandate goes into effect December 17th. "If they won't come to us, then we're going to go to them", she said. "There are also several studies now underway on topics like hours of service reform". They would replace the paper logbooks used now.

Drivers have some high-powered help. The ELD system would ensure that drivers like Patrick Buckner, a trucker with more than 30 years of experience, are not keeping themselves on the road past the point of exhaustion.

Hill's chief concern is that there is no government or third-party verification in place for the ELD device self-certification process. "My plan is to wait and see if they postpone the ELDs and if they don't, that's going to be my plan, to find another truck", he said. "They must fly blindly into investing in products they are being required to purchase".

Hill requested the federal safety adminstration hold off on implementing the ELD rule until the agency can "develop guidelines that offer greater clarity to the individuals you expect to follow them".

Starting at 9 a.m. local time on Monday, drivers all across the nation began showing up and tweeting at politicians and local media, seeking to shine the spotlight on their concerns.

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