WhatsApp To Enable Group Admins To Stop Members From Posting

WhatsApp To Enable Group Admins To Stop Members From Posting

WhatsApp To Enable Group Admins To Stop Members From Posting

Whether a group member is being offensive, abusive or just plain annoying, the group admin can now silence them, stopping them from sending messages and sharing Gifs, pictures, videos and documents.

This Restricted Groups feature has been spotted in beta version 2.17.430 of WhatsApp for Android.

The "Restricted Groups" setting can only be activated by group administrators. The feature may change the WhatsApp's Group feature completely. It has also been spotted in WhatsApp for iOS, however, this feature is now disabled by WhatsApp, hence, you will only be to able to use it when WhatsApp flips a switch from their servers for you, or, when it rolls out this feature to all.

After activation of these "Restricted Group" settings, the other members will be able to view the messages but unable to respond any. They will be given a new feature named "Message Admin", so that they share it in the group with the consent of group admin. The update also plans to prevent the group creator from being deleted from the group by other administrators.

Most importantly, it's also worth noting that this feature lets the group admins restrict members from posting to group once every 72 hours only.

The person who creates a restricted group is able to control who is in and who is out, as well as deciding who has the ability to change the name of it.

The said update from the Google Play Beta Program for Android and from the AppStore for the iOS platform also outlines that the administrators will be able to choose if other participants can modify the subject of the group, its icon and its description. At present, the Mute option is not very useful as new shortcut (also because if an administrator restricts the group, he does this to write something important, so there shouldn't be reason to mute it), but that option may convince the user to use it when the group is restricted, if he wants.

Furthermore, Administrators would be able to disable the chat features in the group (restricted group feature).

· Participants can use a new Search feature to quickly search other participants.

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