Christmas tree shortage tied to 2008 financial crisis

Christmas tree shortage tied to 2008 financial crisis

Christmas tree shortage tied to 2008 financial crisis

For the Kanning family, visiting the Koontz Tree farm is a holiday tradition. It's being blamed on a Christmas tree shortage in certain parts of the country. "Nevertheless, the current debate and threats of USA potential withdrawal of the agreement have made Mexican producers of Christmas trees to increase domestic production".

As Tim O'Connor, a spokesman and advocate for Christmas tree farmers, reassured Americans this month, "There is a tree for everybody that wants one". "And we paid about the same for a bigger tree previous year".

That's more important this year because Thanksgiving came earlier than normal, essentially adding an extra weekend into the Christmas tree-buying season.

· Consider a living tree. Farmers planted fewer trees or closed shop.

In that same time frame, sales of Oregon Christmas trees dropped 26 percent, according to a report published last August by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

MS tree growers have benefited from the surplus of rain this year, Dicke said growers in the state will likely sell over 30,000 trees, an increase from last year, but producers are unlikely to meet consumer demand as most tree suppliers sell out by the second week of December and prices depend on factors like the market and tree quality. When out shopping for the flawless tree, gently bend the needles of the tree.

Starting off the Tradition
Credits Sandi MacNaughten
Starting off the Tradition Credits Sandi MacNaughten

That means going to the farm for a fresh-cut tree. Another way to check for freshness is to lift the tree several inches off the ground and then drop it on the stump end. If brown needles fall from the inner portion of the tree, don't worry. "I changed my mind, and I decided I liked planting trees".

"Look for a tree with a good solid green (or blue-green for some species) color", he said. They should also be fragrant when crushed.

"They're telling us they're afraid they can't get a tree because of the shortage", Dauth said. Cool temperatures slow the rate of water lost through the needles from the tree.

· Fit the stand to the tree. The outer layers of wood are the most efficient in absorbing water and should not be removed. As the credits roll, you may find your thoughts echoing Linus, "I never thought it was such a bad little tree". Your tree is still alive, even though it has been cut from it's root system, and needs water to prevent needles from drying and boughs from drooping. Trees are used to being outdoors and not inside.

When you bring the tree inside, keep the base of the trunk in water. At Bo's Trees prices start at $35 and, depending on size, could fetch $200. To maintain its quality and appearance, keeping the tree hydrated is of utmost importance. Fresh cut trees, if cared for properly, can last four or five weeks indoors.

Freshness is key when it comes to a real tree. The prices were favorable, they said, even if farms seem thin. Once the water is gone, the water-absorbing channels very quickly become plugged with resin and the tree's ability to uptake water is greatly reduced.

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