Chandigarh worst in India in crime against elderly: NCRB

Chandigarh worst in India in crime against elderly: NCRB

Chandigarh worst in India in crime against elderly: NCRB

Even as the Madhya Pradesh Government was making all efforts to get rid of shame it faced due to recent Bhopal gangrape case, National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) report released on Thursday says that Madhya Pradesh is having highest number of rape cases in country. Rape cases reported 12.4% increase from 34,651 cases in 2015 to 38,947 cases in 2016. In the crimes against children, 145 cases were of kidnapping or abduction, 46 were of compelling girls for marriage. After Madhya Pradesh, it is Uttar Pradesh which is on second position in rape cases.

Since a year ago, the total number of crimes in the country has increased by 2.6%, with Delhi reporting the highest crime rate of 974.9 under IPC crimes followed by Kerala (727.6) and Madhya Pradesh (337.9) against the national average of 233.6.

According to NCRB's 2015 annual report, states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra topped the figures as road rage data was used only for number of cases "causing injuries under rash driving/road rage". Up from 26 cases in 2015, previous year saw 48 cases of crimes against senior citizens in the UT.

Cases of juveniles in conflict with the law have gone up again after a dip of 13.1% was registered in 2015 over 2014.

Total 84,746 cases of assault on women with intent to outrage modesty were reported in 2016. The numbers of cities followed a similar patter, with Lucknow reporting the highest number of atrocities reported among the 19 metropolitan cities, and Patna and Jaipur following. The total number of cases in 2015 was 6,276 and in 2016, the number is 6,568 - an increase by 4.7%. In 2015, 365 cases of crime were recorded to have taken placec against foreigners.

Goa saw a high number of cheating cases while Delhi had more forgery incidents.

Of the 52,209 people who went missing in 2016, as many as 28,316 are women and 23,893 are men.

Theft was the most common crime committed against foreigners in India in 2016, followed by other IPC crimes such as snatching or causing hurt.

Maharashtra reported the highest number of missing persons (94,919 - 17.2%) out of the total of 5,49,008 persons (2,34,334 males and 3,14,674 females). MP registered 13746 cases of crime against children in 2016.

Murder, kidnapping, abduction, crimes against women and offence against property are a few heads where the city stands at number one.

Delhi reported 33 percent (13,803 cases of the total 41,761 cases in 19 cities with a population above two million) of total crimes against women and was followed by Mumbai at 12.3 percent (5,128 cases).

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