IDF bombs Gaza terror targets in response to mortar fire

IDF bombs Gaza terror targets in response to mortar fire

IDF bombs Gaza terror targets in response to mortar fire

"The Israel Air Force and tanks have attacked four terrorist targets in Gaza", the army said in a statement.

The military released a notice saying the aircraft targeted "two additional military posts belonging to the terror organization in central Gaza Strip", without elaborating on the specific targets.

The IDF shelled terror targets in Gaza after mortars were launched at an IDF position on the border. IDF tanks fired at the source, followed by the IAF attack on four positions of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

"We know exactly who conducted this attack", he said. Israel says Islamic Jihad is affiliated with Hamas.

Conricus said that Israel did not want to escalate the situation but that it considered the mortar fire a "severe event".

The demolition raised tensions between Israel and Gaza, with leaders on both sides hurling threats and counter-threats.

Three people were wounded in Gaza, local health officials said.

On Thursday, Islamic Jihad Spokesman Dawoud Shahab said in a statement that the group had the "full right to respond to this unsafe escalation for which the (Israeli) occupation is responsible".

The announcement came at the last minute as the landmark Palestinian unity deal faltered dangerously, with Fatah and Hamas accusing each other of not respecting the accord.

Israel and the United States have called for Hamas to be disarmed as part of the pact between it and the Palestinian Authority, so Israeli peace efforts with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, which collapsed in 2014, could proceed.

Earlier on Wednesday, Fatah's top negotiator, Azzam Al Ahmad, said that Hamas was "not committed to the agreement it signed in Cairo".

But the tunnel incident also has increased friction between Israel and Islamic Jihad, the second-largest militant group in the strip, which had threatened revenge for the deaths of its fighters. Palestinians face near daily fire from forces while tending to their farmland near the border with Israel and while fishing within the reduced fishing area.

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