Franken: "This Will Not Happen Again"


Franken: "This Will Not Happen Again"

"I have not worked with the Ethics Committee before, so I don't know how that works, but I am certainly open to that".

"I can't say that it hasn't happened".

Three women allege Minnesota Democratic Sen.

Multiple women have alleged they were sexually assaulted by Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama. Tweeden said she felt "disgusted and violated" by Franken's behavior but didn't want to "cause trouble" in the "middle of a war zone".

The senator has been accused of misconduct by four women, including radio host Leeann Tweeden, who said earlier this month that Franken "kissed and groped" her without consent on a 2006 USO tour, releasing a photo showing Franken groping her breasts over body armor while she was asleep. I said "OK" so he would stop badgering me.

Mrs. Pelosi said she still has yet to speak with Mr. Conyers' other accusers, pointing out that one of them is prevented from speaking because of the "secretive settlement process" the House has in place to pay off accusers and shield their complaints.

Franken also spoke to a handful of Minnesota-based media outlets on Sunday, and acknowledged in one interview that he could not say with certainty that more women would not come forward with allegations of groping. More women came forward after Ms. Tweeden's accusation.

Two other women have since anonymously reported such incidents to the Huffington Post.

"I know that I've let a lot of people down", he said, adding that he will begin working to rebuild trust with the people of Minnesota as well as his staff and colleagues. Franken says he doesn't remember the photos and that such groping is "not something I would intentionally do".

Franken also said during the interview he is planning to go forward and takes responsibility for his actions.

Franken has called on the Senate Ethics Committee to look into his behavior and vowed to fully cooperate with the investigation. The vote is scheduled for Wednesday.

Franken was asked by a reporter what would constitute a resignation in the realm of sexual misconduct, which he refused to answer.

"I said that I recalled that differently from Leeann, but I feel that you have to respect womens' experience, and so I apologized to her".

He did not say whether he will step down from any of his committee assignments.

A U.S. senator says it's too early to decide whether he'll run for a third term in 2020.

"It's far too early to make any assessment about that", he told The Associated Press on Monday.

"If you had said to me two weeks ago that a woman was going to say that I had made her uncomfortable and disrespected her in one of these ways I would have said "no", Franken told Minnesota Public Radio.

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