Microsoft Will Demolish Its Campus to Build a Mini

Microsoft Will Demolish Its Campus to Build a Mini

Microsoft Will Demolish Its Campus to Build a Mini

A video of the transformed campus shows that the future Redmond headquarters will look and operate more like small city, featuring a two-acre open plaza that can host 12,000 people, retail space, new jogging and walking trails, two soccer fields, a cricket field, and its own light rail station.

The plan is to create more open office space to encourage greater collaboration and creativity among staff, similar to how some of Microsoft's tech rivals operate.

Microsoft will embark on a significant modernization of its global headquarters, with a goal of 18 new buildings by the end of 2024.

Microsoft's renovation budget is modest compared with the $5bn Apple spent on its new spaceship headquarters in Cupertino, while Microsoft's Washington neighbor and cloud rival, Amazon, will spend $5bn on a second North American headquarters, which will offer space for 50,000 people.

It will be the company's biggest physical expansion in more than a decade. Although the project is set to start in fall of 2018, it won't be completed for another five to seven years after that. Under the plan, the company will tear down 12 of the buildings now used by employees and build 18 new facilities in their place that are expected to be up to twice as tall.

Microsoft plans upgrade for Redmond headquarters
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Microsoft president Brad Smith said the company will spend $150m in transport infrastructure, public spaces, sports fields and green space. However, with the new buildings, the company plans to take a different approach.

The growth plan marks a continued shift away from the car-dependent campus of the last 30 years, made possible by the 2023 arrival of a light rail line that will make travelling to and from the campus without a auto easier than ever.

"We want to create a campus that creates the best workplace we can envision for our employees, where they can be creative, where they can learn and collaborate with each other, where they can create technology that moves forward for our customers", explains Smith.

"We've focused on the cultural transformation of the company". The redevelopment and expansion announced Tuesday will add 2.2 million square feet and make room for up to 8,000 new employees when it is complete six to eight years from now. And we will continue to be Energy Smart, using Azure for building system monitoring to optimize our energy usage and reduce our carbon footprint.

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