Google finally corrects its burger emoji

Google finally corrects its burger emoji

Google finally corrects its burger emoji

All's well that ends well, as every cheeseburger emoji out there is now properly following regulations and have their cheese on top of the burger patty, from Apple's take to Samsung's, though the Cupertino brand does have the lettuce on top of the bottom bun, which could come across as kind of weird for some.

True burger fans may still need to hold their breath a little bit longer, as the Android 8.1 is still in the developer preview stage and a full release is expected when the final version of Android 8.1 is ready to roll out.

Emojipedia broke the news update on Twitter, after the 44-year-old tech tycoon had delivered his promise. Starting from Android 8.1, all of the Android users will be presented with the "right" burger emoji in which the cheese will be placed above the meat patty and not below.

So egregious was Google's error that CEO Sundar Pichai stepped in, promising to "drop everything" to address the cheeseburger issue.

If it looks like the upcoming Android 8.1 update may not change much about the first version of Google's Oreo-flavored mobile OS, get ready to have your mind blown by a huge software improvement revealed by emoji expert Jeremy Burge.

Notice anything different about the first and the second Cheeseburger emoji displayed above (aside from the fact that one says old and one says new, each being depicted in the type-set).

Besides, Google has also refreshed a few more emojis. Now, it looks like the search giant has finally fixed the emoji as a part of Android 8.1.

By now you have probably heard about the great burger debate of 2017.

Apart from the Google CEO, the debate also led to a lot of Google employees pitching in to prove that the Android burger deserves a place. The incorrect version of a single beer glass emoji showed it half empty but with the froth magically dripping from the top.

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