NBN Co suspends HFC rollout

NBN Co suspends HFC rollout

NBN Co suspends HFC rollout

In order to meet a higher level of service quality, NBN Co will be performing advanced network testing and remediation where needed, wholesale connector replacements, signal amplification calibration, and lead-in work as required. Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), Fibre to the Basement (FTTB), Satellite, Fixed Wireless and also HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial).

"With those other technologies in the initial rollout, there were issues to be worked through".

"There's no problem that's been identified that can't be fixed, and they will be fixed", he said. It can get gigabit speeds, people will certainly be able to get 100 megabits per second. NBN has discovered that by tightening down the network (literally nuts and bolts to close down any "leakage") the network performance can improve dramatically.

"The latest spin we have from the NBN could be matched by Shane Warne".

Telstra additionally rolled out its HFC network in Australia around the same time.

Shadow communications minister Michelle Rowland said that the announced delay just raised more questions, and accused NBN of spin.

"The NBN is a croc, an absolute croc", he said.

Mr Morrow said that existing customers affected by the delay would still have access to broadband services through ADSL or HFC, as the NBN remain committed to putting customer experience at the forefront of their rollout.

NBN Co paid the telecommunications company A$11 billion for its infrastructure, and to manage the design and construction of fast broadband to more than three million homes now in the footprint of Telstra's HFC pay-TV cable.

Both he and NBN Co have talked down the problems on the HFC portion of the network over the past week.

"The total purchase of copper will vary with final rollout technology mix, as each technology has unique characteristics that affect copper cable utilisation".

"We know now that NBN, that this government, that this prime minister is too scared to be rolling out HFC because it's not working", Rowland said on Monday afternoon.

The announcement also has financial implications for Telstra, which told the ASX in a statement that: "The delay in the NBN rollout will delay a proportion of the payments to Telstra from NBN into future periods".

"It's very easy in hindsight to look back and say "well why didn't we examine this particular frequency band with this particular issue" but the reality is this is someone else's network (Telstra)".

He said that despite the widespread issues not all users were experiencing difficulties and it remained the fastest paced rollout when compared with other access technologies.

With 3.1 million premises in the HFC footprint, Morrow told ZDNet that 370,000 are already connected and an additional 50,000 are queued to be connected.

About 2.5 million households are expected to be affected by delays up to nine months, which NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow said he would not categorise as "a stuff-up" but evidence the company was trying to improve customers' experiences.

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