Apple iPhone SE 2 said to launch in first half of 2018

Apple iPhone SE 2 said to launch in first half of 2018

Apple iPhone SE 2 said to launch in first half of 2018

It's already Friday in Australia, and Apple's Black Friday deals - aka "one day shopping event" - have just gone live in the country. Still, given its report lines up closely with Daily Economic News' one, we can't really rule it out entirely, they may very well be right.

Buying an iPad Pro on Black Friday will get you a £80 voucher for the tech giant while buying an iPad & iPad mini will mean a £40 gift card. It should be noted that the situation with the action in Russian Federation remains unclear, as in most stores customers simply refuse to provide bonus cards, unlike other countries.

If you visit Apple's Australian homepage, you will see an "Imagination is a gift" panel which will further lead you to the gifts page with the offer heading. Pick up an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 (or their plus equivalents), and you'll score a $70 gift card.

IPad. iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 will get you a gift card of $140 that equals $106 United States dollars.

Apple is also promoting its holiday gifts, headed by the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro are all covered by the deal.

These are arguably the best deals you can get on iPhones from Walmart for Black Friday, but if you're looking for even older models than the iPhone 6, then you can check out its complete selection.

Today, 24 November, all buyers of products of the famous brand Apple will get special gifts, timed to coincide with the massive sales of "Black Friday".

Here's the bundle on offer at a generous 12GB data allowance for plenty of 4G frolics when you're away from Wi-Fi, unlimited minutes and texts to keep you talking, and O2 as your brand new network.

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