USA regulator unveils plan to end 'net neutrality'

USA regulator unveils plan to end 'net neutrality'

USA regulator unveils plan to end 'net neutrality'

"Without net neutrality, cable and phone companies could carve the internet into fast and slow lanes", it said.

Extending a string of 2017 de-regulatory moves, Ajit Pai, President Donald Trump's appointee to lead the FCC, has formally begun the process of reviewing rules limiting the number of TV stations a single owner can control.

Pai is among three Republicans on the five-member FCC.

Under his proposal, he says "the federal government will stop micromanaging the Internet".

Washington, Nov 21 The top United States telecom regulator unveiled a formal plan today to roll back the "net neutrality" rules adopted in 2015 aimed at treating all online traffic equally. Pai said he presented his proposal to fellow FCC commissioners today, and set for a vote on December 14.

The new FCC may not be a fan of net neutrality rules, but Pai is expecting to face strong fight from the public. The net neutrality has been a topic that has created a heated debate between internet and telecom companies. But regulators, consumer advocates and internet companies were concerned about what broadband companies could do with their power as the pathway to the internet — blocking or slowing down apps that rival their own services, for example.

Instead, the FCC, under Pai's suggestion, would return to the "light-touch, market-based framework that unleashed the digital revolution and benefited consumers here and around the world", the chairman said in a statement.

"The job of the FCC is to represent the consumer". According to people who sought anonymity, besides Mr. Pai presenting the repeal of net neutrality, he will propose that the Federal Trade Commission be the enforcement agency for the net neutrality violation.

Pai's full proposal will be released on 22 November, a day before the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Under his proposal, "the FCC would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that's best for them and entrepreneurs and other small businesses can have the technical information they need to innovate", Pai said in a statement.

The FCC's plan has also stirred up heated resistance on Reddit, where numerous users are calling for US citizens to contact their state representatives to demand their support for net neutrality. Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian and his board colleagues oppose repeal, saying stripping away net neutrality is a money grab for the ISP's, allowing them to make more money by charging content providers and services.

"This move would likely lead to consumers paying higher prices for the internet access and speeds they have today", Jonathan Schwantes, senior policy counsel at Consumers Union, said in an emailed message.

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