Mark Cuban Says LaVar Ball and Donald Trump Are 'So Much Alike'

Mark Cuban Says LaVar Ball and Donald Trump Are 'So Much Alike'

Mark Cuban Says LaVar Ball and Donald Trump Are 'So Much Alike'

Here's that now infamous CNN interview from Tuesday, where Chris Cuomo probably thought about a career change just five minutes into speaking with LaVar Ball.

After LiAngelo was arrested and released on suspicion of shoplifting in China, Trump was looking for a big ol' thank you, but if anyone is expecting one from LaVar, well, they might be waiting awhile. Ball dismissed Trump's efforts, saying, "Who?" when asked about the president's actions.

I'm not entirely sure Cuomo will be able to deliver that message in person, but maybe he knows someone over at Fox who can say it on air so the president will see it.

"Pretending not to know him is the meanest thing you can do to Donald Trump", explained Colbert.

Then, Trump called for the NFL to suspend Lynch, a running back for the Oakland Raiders, after he sat for the US national anthem while standing for the Mexican national anthem during a game in Mexico City.

"If your son would have kept his sticky *ss fingers in his pockets and not take people's stuff in China, we wouldn't even be having this conversation".

I help somebody get a job.

Ball ended his commentary by hollering, "Tell Donald Trump to have a great Thanksgiving - 'cause Big Baller is!"

Ball said there are a lot of "other matters to go around for the president to deal with that are far as me, let me deal with my son and let him do what he's going to do".

BALL: First of all, they weren't in jail, they were in a hotel.

BALL: I'm telling you, somebody had to do something.

The interview concluded on a festive note, with LaVar Ball wishing Trump a happy holiday.

Meyers added of Trump's tweets, "Every time I think Trump has hit rock bottom, he just bursts through the rock and keeps falling".

LaVar Ball is still refusing to thank President Trump for his role in bringing his son home to the United States.

He said Trump didn't travel to China specifically to get his son released. "I don't have to go around saying thank you to everybody". "I had some things done, I talked to some people that did some other things too".

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