Modi govt sabotaging Winter session of Parliament: Sonia

Modi govt sabotaging Winter session of Parliament: Sonia

Modi govt sabotaging Winter session of Parliament: Sonia

In finalising the poll schedule, the top policy making body of the Congress has kept the option open for Rahul Gandhi's elevation-either before or after the outcome of the Assembly polls in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh that will be out on Decembe 18.

The final list of contesting candidates will also be released on the same day. Candidates can withdraw their nominations till December 11.

Rumours are rife that Rahul is set to be the only candidate in fray. The Congress party president poll schedule has released now.

Yet Mr Gandhi faces many challenges in reviving Congress as it has been struggling since a massive defeat in the 2014 General Election and Mr Modi continues to be popular.

Rahul worked for three years with a consulting firm in London between June 1996 and early March 1999 after completing his education at Trinity College.

Party sources pointed out that two senior leaders Jitendra Prasada and Rajesh Pilot had contested against Sonia Gandhi and Sitaram Kesri respectively. She has always guided the Congress party. "Her able leadership and guidance will always be available, not only to Rahulji, but also to crores and crores of Congressmen and women always".

Replying to a question on the role of Sonia after the election, Surjewala said, "Let the election process be concluded and I will be very happy to answer that question". She also thanked party leaders like chairman Mullapalli Ramachandran, members of the Central Election Authority, and other party workers for carrying out "this huge exercise with utmost diligence, integrity and impartiality".

Some state units had already passed the resolution to appoint him as party chief.

Meanwhile, the CWC formally initiated the process for electing a new president on Monday.

She said last month that her son would be elevated as Congress chief soon amid growing clamor for Rahul Gandhi to take over the reins of the party, particularly from youth leaders.

Meanwhile, sources have informed that the CWC was of the view that Rahul's elevation could help the party in the upcoming Gujarat elections and galvanise support in the party's favour.

"The Modi-government in its arrogance has cast a dark shadow on India's Parliamentary democracy by sabotaging the Winter Session of Parliament on flimsy grounds".

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