Ellen took on Donald Trump's anti-elephant policy & he suspended it

Ellen took on Donald Trump's anti-elephant policy & he suspended it

Ellen took on Donald Trump's anti-elephant policy & he suspended it

Trophies from legally hunted elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia won't be allowed into the US - at least, not yet. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke confirmed the news and said that "the issuing of permits is put on hold as the decision is being reviewed". He said the policy has been "under study for years".

His evening Twitter message reversed a decision by his own administration over Zimbabwe that was announced this week and promoted as recently as Friday afternoon by the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Almost two weeks ago, the department also waived the ban in a similar manner for Zambia.

African elephants' population shrank by 30% from 2007 to 2014, in large part because of poaching. Earlier in the week, Morgan wrote a column for the Daily Mailsharply criticizing Trump for the decision to reverse the ban.

The agency concluded that encouraging wealthy big-game hunters to kill the threatened species would help raise money for conservation programs.

In March this year, images of President Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr posing in front of an elephant's carcass with a knife in one hand and its tail in the other had gone viral over the internet and enraged people.

"The administration should withdraw this decision until Zimbabwe stabilizes, " he said in a statement.

"This review established that both Zambia and Zimbabwe had met new standards, strict global conservation standards that allowed Americans to resume hunting in those countries", she told reporters during a news briefing.

The Obama administration banned such imports because authorities believed trophy hunting harmed the survival of elephants. "Thank you!" Trump tweeted Friday night.

The US Fish and Wildlife Services under Trump administration on Thursday had made a decision to end the 2014 ban placed by Trump's predecessor President Obama.

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