Cops: Teacher Was Waiting for Student in Candlelit Room

Cops: Teacher Was Waiting for Student in Candlelit Room

Cops: Teacher Was Waiting for Student in Candlelit Room

Authorities in Oklahoma captured a 22-year-old instructor for having a wrong association with one of her understudies after the kid's mom revealed proof of the illegal issue on his cellphone.

The parents told investigators that they had already been through the phone and found text messages and nude photos, and were concerned that Day had already had sex with their son.

According to her arrest report, the teen arranged a meeting on the day of her arrest. When deputies arrived at the home, they sent Day a message from the boy's phone, saying, "I'm here" to which they say Day responded, "The doors [sic] unlocked as usual".

"Investigators opened the door and found Day sitting on the living room floor with the lights turned off, candles lit, and wearing a T-shirt and workout shorts", deputies wrote.

The investigators discovered evidence that Day and the boy had already had sex and were planning to do the act once again on Wednesday, so they used the boy's phone to conduct a sting operation on the teacher.

Hunter Day, a science teacher at the Yukon High School, is now placed in the Canadian County Jail.

"This is a classic case of a serious breach of public trust", Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said in the statement.

Day told deputies she had a sexual relationship with the boy, that she had sent him pictures of herself in her underwear, and had received pictures of his genitalia.

The 22-year-old old admitted to having a sexual relationship with the boy.

Hunter Day is charged with second-degree rape after she allegedly had sex with a student.

"Yukon Public Schools were informed late Wednesday afternoon, November 15, that an employee of the district was arrested for engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a high school student", said Yukon Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth.

On the day of the arrest, the sheriff's department said that Day and the teen had planned to meet at her house.

The indictments came from a six-month investigation by the Virginia State Police tht began in March after discovery of questionable computer text messages and is continuing after more than 10 other girls have come forward with detailed stories of improper groping and sexual assault.

It is unclear whether Day, who taught science, actually taught the student.

Yukon Public Schools said in a statement on Thursday (Friday NZT) that officials conducted background checks on employees before hiring them, and that nothing alerted them to Day's alleged behaviour.

That might be because, according to News 4, Day, who had no teaching experience, was hired via an emergency teaching certificate. However, they did post a news release condemning Day's behavior.

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