Children shot an Northern California elementary school

Children shot an Northern California elementary school

Children shot an Northern California elementary school

The 31-year-old mother of four was shot four times in her back, left shoulder and once in the hip.

"The insane thing is that the neighbour has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds, large magazines", the man told the news station.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said Wednesday that authorities were unaware that Neal had been required to give up his guns. "He was not law enforcement friendly".

No children were killed, Johnston said. "You have to understand we can't anticipate what people are going to do".

"The kindergarten teacher and her aide comforted the boy who was shot in the classroom and rendered first aid, meanwhile keeping students calm and contained", he said.

The wife's death brings the death toll from the rampage to a total of five, excluding the shooter, who was killed my police.

Asked about Neal's motive, Johnston responded: "Madman on the loose". They believe her slaying was the start of the rampage.

The evidence that emerged Wednesday, however, along with residents' statements raised questions about whether lawlessness was occasionally tolerated.

Gilsan was Neal's wife.

According to the Associated Press, investigators retrieved the body of the wife of Kevin Janson Neal's hidden under the floor.

Neal then shot two of his neighbors in an apparent act of revenge before he went looking for random victims at different locations that included the community's elementary school.

However, Johnston later clarified that only two children were wounded.

The records also show that Neal was charged with illegally firing a weapon and possessing an illegal assault rifle on January 31. The 44-year-old was charged with five felonies and two misdemeanors. Four people refused, one person told her they were late for work.

'She tried to reach out and reconnect with multiple people she had lost contact with, ' Caves said.

Children shot an Northern California elementary school
Children shot an Northern California elementary school

In fact, as the Los Angeles Times reports, Neal was ordered by a judge to surrender his firearms. As part of that protective order, Neal was barred from having guns.

"Most people in the United States do what courts order them to do", Roy said. 'That hurt my heart a lot to hear her say that'.

He said the suspect's name would be withheld until next-of-kin are notified.

Phommathep's husband, who was out of town and is a volunteer firefighter, still can't believe it.

Tiffany Phommathep was dropping her children off at Rancho Tehama Elementary School on Tuesday morning when she heard gunshots.

"We believe that's probably what started this whole event", Johnston said. "He's an absolute hero".

Neal sprayed the building with bullets, shooting out windows and doors, but was unable to get inside, thanks to the lockdown.

All of her children were hit, one in the calf, another in the foot and the third one in the neck with hot metal. It's not clear when they will operate on the more serious wound to his upper chest and right arm, she said.

"I just kept on praying that he'd go away because I can't take another bullet".

The gunman - who was killed by police after the shooting rampage - had already opened fire on others, including on roadways, in the rural area on Tuesday when he turned his sights to the Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

"Kevin made a decision to stab Danny's mother and ever since there has been a blood feud", Phommathep said.

As CBS2's Dana Tyler reported Tuesday, the violence erupted in Rancho Tehama Reserve, which is about 130 miles north of Sacramento.

"There's hardly any police presence out here", he said.

"I don't know any information at this time about any of the victims at the school".

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