Tesla's electric truck boosts stock price of Elon Musk's company

Tesla's electric truck boosts stock price of Elon Musk's company

Tesla's electric truck boosts stock price of Elon Musk's company

The company will unveil its new electric semitractor-trailer Thursday night near its design center in Hawthorne, California. Tesla envisages that same connected technology to allow multiple trucks to form pontoons or "road trains" that, so Musk suggested, could make them more cost-effective than even rail transportation. And for vehicles, period.

Musk said that the age of traditional gas-guzzling cars was over. "In contrast, a Tesla auto owner has other vehicles in the household fleet to drive if the vehicle isn't operational".

But Walmart's statement reveals yet another key selling point: Tesla's Semi can help with corporate sustainability efforts, and companies all over the world have committed to reducing emissions and lowering their ecological impact, whether due to internal targets and image considerations, or requirements from regulators and governing bodies.

"What does it feel like to drive this truck?" he asked rhetorically.

Of course, with Tesla being right in the middle of "production hell" with its Model 3, it was no surprise that customers will have to wait to get their hands on these vehicles.

Tesla shares are up 51.46% this year.

The company released a series of statistics comparing the Semi to current diesel lorries.

Tesla this evening unveiled their Semi electric truck, which is "the safest, most comfortable truck ever", equipped with four independent motors.

Mr Musk said several Tesla lorries will be able to travel in a convoy, autonomously following each other.

"This beats rail", he added. "Diesel fuel is readily available and relatively efficient for heavy long-haul trucks that cruise open highways at a fixed speed".

Musk also said Tesla would build a network of Megachargers that would charge the trucks' batteries to a 400 mile range in just 30 minutes, but there has been scepticism that the battery cost of the truck could be prohibitive.

"By the time you are done with your break, the truck is ready to go". Using four separate electric motors, the Semi will go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in five seconds, compared with 15 seconds in a diesel cab, Musk said.

That's not the only guarantee Musk gave: He said the windshield glass will be so sturdy that it's "thermonuclear-explosion-proof". The 500-mile version will be able to do round-trip runs on the vast majority of US freight routes, which are 250 miles or less, Musk said.

After the prototype Semi truck was sent offstage, the lights dimmed, only to come up again, flashing in a sci-fi pattern.

Continuing its unique take on the HGV recipe, Tesla has designed the Semi's interior with comfort and visibility in mind.

"Turns out there was some cargo in the truck", Musk deadpanned.

Tesla's semi is venturing into an uncertain market. "There's only thing that's beyond Ludicrous, which is Plaid", Musk said.

And the new Roadster is fast.

Both vehicles are fast: The Roadster can take itself from zero to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds, and the Semi can perform the same feat in five seconds (unburdened by a trailer), Tesla says. That would put it, at least, near the 261 mile-an-hour top speed of the $3 million Bugatti Chiron.

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