The single best day to score great deals isn't actually Black Friday

The single best day to score great deals isn't actually Black Friday

The single best day to score great deals isn't actually Black Friday

Here's a Black Friday riddle: If Black Friday still ranks as the busiest shopping day of the year, how come everyone is saying it's dead?

Since the two shopping days are so close together and since nearly every high-street retailer has an online store, the two shopping days turn into one long weekend shopping bonanza. This is the first year that online shopping is expected to surpass brick-and-mortar sales, with 59 percent of consumers planning to spend online.

Retailers such as Amazon and Target are offering deals even earlier than Black Friday.

The NRF said Black Friday will remain the busiest day of the shopping year with 70 percent of consumers planning to shop that day.

Nike haven't confirmed whether they will officially be taking part in Black Friday celebrations though in previous years they have slashed prices on men's and women's leisure and sportswear.

As online shopping becomes more prominent, stores are increasingly offering deals on their websites, particularly during Thanksgiving weekend, when the sales on Cyber Monday compete with the sales on Black Friday. That shopping event is more highly anticipated than Black Friday, according to a recent report from analytics firm Euclid.

Black Friday's clout has been diluted by Thanksgiving store openings, and Black Friday deals being offered earlier every year.

Store hours for Black Friday and Thanksgiving 2017
More than 164 Million Consumers Plan to Shop Over Thanksgiving Weekend and Cyber Monday

You might have seen frightening Black Friday footage of a grown woman wrestling a TV from a child in Minnesota and thought it wasn't your cup of tea, but in fact there's plenty of non-violent ways to get a good deal.

Cyber Monday takes place on Monday, November 27 this year, and every year it is the Monday following Black Friday. Retailers have been pushing early sales since October, offering special online deals on weekends for consumers.

Christmas will be coming in some more days and there will be a number of shops that will put up deals for the festive season.

Black Friday falls on November 24 in Australia. "My concern is that its going to drop off even more this year, that it's going to be eerily quiet". For instance, while ForwardKeys had reported that Nairobi's airports have a total scheduled capacity (August to December 2017) of 18% in domestic seats, 31% in long-haul worldwide seats, and a 51% capacity in intra-Africa global seats; these numbers are likely to go up with the Black Friday push. That means games, consoles, and more are likely to be going cheap for the next week, and so we're going to be collecting all of the best deals we can find.

"You're just seeing that transformation of the retail industry", Gough said.

The German watch brand will be launching deals for their Black Friday weekend but before that they're also selling discounted watches at great prices through their online outlet.

"In our studies, we learned that customers over Thanksgiving weekend spent half of their time online and half in stores", Smith said. "That may sound a little insane because so many people avoid it for that reason". The American Express website states that the day of shopping "helps to support local economies and promote vibrant, diverse communities".

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