Women With Gestational Diabetes More Likely To Develop Type-2 Diabetes

Women With Gestational Diabetes More Likely To Develop Type-2 Diabetes

Women With Gestational Diabetes More Likely To Develop Type-2 Diabetes

A girl with Type 1 diabetes has posted an online petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking the Centre's support to include the disease in the Rights of Persons with Disability Bill, which is under revision in parliament.

This means 196 out of 3, 500 pregnant women at Mengo hospital have gestational diabetes and 65 out of 5,000 pregnant women in Luwero district have it.

The latest estimates from the International Diabetes Federation mean that one in 11 adults worldwide have the condition, which occurs when the amount of sugar in the blood is too high.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, potassium and low in cholesterol and help maintain high energy levels, while also helping you combat the urge to eat fatty, sugary foods.

The number of people with diabetes in India could double in the coming decade, according to a recent study report. Of this, nearly 180 million are women.

The first partnership activity, available now on the IDF's School of Diabetes website, is a CME accredited, IDF-certified healthcare professional (HCP) course about prevention of type 2 diabetes developed with an educational grant from Merck, which enables unlimited access for HCPs globally.

The findings showed that 78 percent women interviewed were aware of diabetes as a serious health concern and more than 70 percent women believed that a healthy lifestyle will help prevent diabetes and its associated complications.

However, through early diagnosis, appropriate management and follow-up checks, progression from pre-diabetes to Type 2 diabetes is preventable.

Julie (Nicholls), from Glemsford in Suffolk, who lives with type 2 diabetes, attended a DESMOND course after being diagnosed three months ago.

Making some basic lifestyle changes that contribute to weight loss and healthy living can decrease the risk for type 2 diabetes.

"There is evidence of an epidemiological transition, with diabetes prevalence being higher in low socio-economic groups of urban areas in more economically developed states", Dr Tanvir Kaur, deputy director general, Indian Council of Medical Research, who was part of the research team that conducted India's largest community-based diabetes study, said, the Hindustan Times reported. However, GDM is not to be taken as seriously as it should be.

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